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01-Intro - WELCOME TO FST10 Instructors Charlie Shoemaker...

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1 WELCOME TO FST10 Instructors Charlie Shoemaker Gary Smith Department of Food Science & Technology [email protected] [email protected] . edu But first - some preliminaries Administrative stuff … INSTRUCTIONAL HELP Teaching Assistants TA’s and office hours will be announced soon and on Smartsite. Adding FST10 & PTA numbers Please send email to me [email protected] In the subject line add FST10 PTA. Our staff will return a PTA number. It has a limited life time, so please use it promptly.
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2 FST10 and GE Requirements FST 10 is a General Education Course Meets the current GE requirements for SciEng and/or SocSci Web Stuff FST10 website is on the SmartSite There is a class email list called [email protected] I may use this address to send the class announcements during the quarter. If you send me an email, please include “fst10” in the subject line FST 10 — Course Textbook FST 10 — Course Textbook Author: Harold McGee Title: On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen (Revised)
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