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04-Lecture+on+test1 - Flavor Beverages Aromas and Gods...

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1 Flavor & Beverages aroma (odor, smell) Taste Pungency Aromas and Gods “Aromas are an invisible, intangible presence. “ To cultures that knew nothing of molecules and odor receptors, this ethereal, penetrating quality suggested a realm of invisible beings and powers” Attraction of Spices in Antiquity 1. Magical rites and spells 2. Purification ceremonies and embalming 3. Fragrances and perfumes 4. Flavoring and condiments 5. Food Preservation 6. Curatives, aphrodisiacs, vermafuges 7. Poisons Spices were used in early Egypt as aromatic body ointments a nd pomades. Compounding Ointments and Perfumes (Thebes 1500 BCE) Assistants crush dried herbs with pestle and mortar (1,2,3,4). Crushed herbs are added to a bowl of molten fat, stirred (5) and shaped into balls upon cooling (6). Special jars probably containing spiced wine, a useful solvent because of alcohol. Content is siphoned and filtered into a bowl (7). At extreme left an assistant shapes a piece of wood beneath a bowl heaped with unguents (8).
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2 5 Premier Spices
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