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9_Intro%2C+sugars+and+sweeteners - If its NATURAL it must...

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FST10 ©GMS/GFR 2011 FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 10 G.M. Smith “Introduction to Sugars, Sweeteners and Carbohydrates” FST10 ©GMS/GFR 2011 If it’s NATURAL, it must be good for you (?) ! No correlation between “naturalness” and healthfulness ! The most toxic substances known are perfectly “natural” ! Botulin toxin (canned foods) - most toxic substance ! Aflatoxin B 1 (from molds) - most potent carcinogen ! FST10 ©GMS/GFR 2011 If you can’t pronounce it ! You shouldn’t eat it? ! sounds catchy ! just plain silly ! Guys, would you refuse to date a girl because her name was hard to pronounce ? ! Girls . ..? ! What’s in a name? A rose by another name would smell as sweet . FST10 ©GMS/GFR 2011 Would you date her? ? JMP Girls him Munachi Nwankwo Enver Gjokaj Names are just labels, so that we avoid confusion There’s nothing intrinsically good or bad about a name, and it tells you nothing about the person ... or the chemical (except maybe its structure). FST10 ©GMS/GFR 2011 There are CHEMICALS in my FOOD! ! Everything the size of an atom or larger is a chemical or a collection of chemicals, has a chemical name ! air (nitrogen, N 2 ; oxygen O 2 ; argon, Ar), water (dihydrogen monoxide) ! you, me, that guy over there . .. our food ! Get over it ! Don’t let chemical names scare you ! The question is whether they are healthful or harmful, and in what amount Essential nutrients, toxic levels
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The Chemicals We Eat ! Carbohydrates ! sugars ! complex carbohydrates ! Proteins ! Structural Proteins ! ! Lipids ! ! Fat-soluble vitamins ! a few others Chemistry - All is Chemistry The Macronutrients ! The bulk of our diet ! Determine the properties of foods ! Nutritional Implications ! (for more, and info on vitamins & minerals, See Dr. Liz, NUT 10) ! Carbohydrates ! Fats ! Proteins FST10 ©GMS/GFR 2011 Carbohydrates The most abundant organic molecules Initial source of ALL FOOD (photosynthesis) Provide Energy (~4.5 Cal/g) Carbon (to make other things) Fiber (no energy) Sometimes taste Significant contribution to the properties of foods … FST10 ©GMS/GFR 2011 Carbohydrates - Background ! Term comes from early observations of chemists that the formula: C n (H 2 O) n was common ! e.g. glucose is: C 6 H 12 O 6 or C 6 (H 2 O) 6 ! Appeared to look like “hydrated carbon” or ! carbon hydrates FST10 ©GMS/GFR 2011 Sugar nomenclature ! Chemically, sugars can be given the suffix “- ose” ! Gluc ose , galact ose , fruct ose etc. ! Classified according to the number of carbon atoms ! Trioses, tetroses, pentoses, hexoses ! Most foody sugars are or are made of HEXOSES ! Structures (Arrrrggghhhhh!)
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9_Intro%2C+sugars+and+sweeteners - If its NATURAL it must...

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