What is a Pow Wow

What is a Pow Wow - men) Europeans mistakenly began using...

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What is a Pow Wow? Link to the past to celebrate heritage Time for Indian families to come together and see old friends and make new ones Time to honor the past and celebrate the future Brief History No record of first “Pow Wow” One Story says long before white man, warriors celebrated their good fortune by dancing after a successful expedition Dances originally held by members of elite warrior societies Brief History Continued “Pow Wow” comes from the word “Pau-wau” or “Pauwau” (a gathering of medicine
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Unformatted text preview: men) Europeans mistakenly began using Pow Wow to describe any similar gathering of Native Americans As Native Americans learned English, they excepted this definition Brief History Continued Live on reservation less time devoted to survival Allowed more leisure time Dances became much more important Just social until ~1920s Contests became popular Now competitors compete to have the best regalia and dancing...
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