Lecture 1 - Sociology: Lecture one What is sociology? Study...

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Sociology : Lecture one What is sociology? Study of everything people do (religion, education, criminology, government, etc) Research society, institutions, how people solve problems, what people do What do sociologists do? Look at society differently Sociological imagination: looking at ordinary things and see more than what most people see Use theories to help guide and understand Major areas of sociological inquiry: 1. Sociological theory: Some sociologists develop theories about society 2. Culture 3. Socialization: Gender identity (what makes an individual male or a female, why individuals are different from one another) 4. Groups and organizations 5. Crime and deviance 6. Social stratification and class (concerns with wealth, power, rich and poor those who have and those who don’t]) 7. Global satisfaction, (Countries and economy which ones are on the top and bottom) 8. Race and ethnic relations: 9. Sex and gender 10. Religion (How it controls individuals) 11. Mass Media (how individuals are affected by it, the advertisements, the information we can access, and the information we cant) 12. Education Charles Wright Mills The sociological imagination Developing an appreciation of how individual challenges are influenced by larger social forces. Peter Berger Seeing the general in the particular . “Random people will see the homeless person and interact with them, give them money. Sociologists would “think” why there are so many homeless people, what is the cause.
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Lecture 1 - Sociology: Lecture one What is sociology? Study...

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