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HOMEWORK 1 NE 162 – Radiation Biophysics and Dosimetry Due 26 January 2012 I.1 Estimate the number of atoms per cm 2 in an aluminum foil that is 0.5 mm thick. I.2 (a) What is the energy in eV of a photon with a frequency of 200 THz? (b) What is the energy of a proton that has the same momentum as a 1 MeV photon? I.3 Turner 2.41 A microscope can resolve as distinct two object or features that are no closer than the wavelength of light or electrons used for the observation. (a) With an electron microscope, what energy is needed for a resolution of 0.4 A? (b) What photon energy would be required of an optical microscope for the same resolution? I.4 Turner 2.56 If the binding energies for electrons in the K, L and M shells of an element are, respectively, 8979 eV, 951 eV, and 74 eV, what are the energies of the K α and K β characteristic X-rays? (These values are representative of Cu without fine structure.) I.5 Turner 3.1 Gallium occurs with two natural isotopes, 69 Ga (60.2% abundant) and
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