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PURDUE UNIVERSITY School of Civil Engineering CE 49700-025/CEM 201 Life Cycle Engineering and Management of Constructed Facilities Exam 1 Study Guide Lecture #2 A bit of history: Hid did humans discover the need to build? Exposed to the elements and couldn’t always find natural shelters. Agrarian society and settlement How did the use of building materials evolve? Animal skins, earth, stone, wood. Modern age materials: Concrete, steel, and composites. What was the trend? Economy and permanency Construction of the Brooklyn Bridge The Roebling Family: John Roebling: Where is the Roebling bridge? What was the invented structural system? Washington Roebling: Which technology did he work on and improve? Emily Roebling: What role did she play in the success of the project? The Panama Canal Project First attempt made by France in 1882. The project was not completed after 9 years of work. Why? What were the main success factors of this project? First American Project Manager was John F. Stevens who had a background in railroad engineering. How did that help the project? What was the role of Dr. William C. Gorgas in the project? How was the mountainous nature of the area dealt with in building the Canal?
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Why was Mr. Stevens replaced by Gen. Goethals? Difference between Construction and Manufacturing What are the main differences between construction and manufacturing? Speculation Vs. Custom Production When is the commitment to purchase in both cases? What are the stages of manufacturing vs. the steps of construction? Manufacturing: Market study, design, fabrication, distribution. Construction: Need identification, prelim design, final design, construction The Project Lifecycle Need identification Initial feasibility study Decision to proceed: Designer hired Conceptual design and approximate cost estimate Decision to proceed with final design Project advertised and quotations solicited Constructor selected and contract formed Construction Startup for complex projects Maintenance Facility disposal Construction Technology Vs. Management What is construction technology?
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Study guide I - PURDUE UNIVERSITY School of Civil...

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