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Chap 14: Fluid Mechanics Ex:1 What is the density of the earth? Ex:2 A piece of paper (8 1/2" by 11") is lying on a horizontal surface. What is the magnitude of the force caused by air pressure acting on the top of the paper? Ex:3 How much pressure acts on the bottom of a 3000 m deep ocean? Ex:4 To what maximum height can a column of alcohol (0.806 gm/cc) be raised at sea level on earth by a vacuum pump? Ex:5 A vertical pipe is filled with two fluids which do not mix. The upper fluid is 30 m deep and has a density of 3700 kg/m 3 . The lower fluid is 50 m deep and has a density of 8500 kg/m 3 . What is the pressure at the bottom of the pipe? Ex:6 A u-tube is partially filled with water and then kerosene (0.82 gm/cc) is poured on top of the water in one side of the u-tube until the difference in height between the level of water in the two sides is 20 cm. How thick is the layer of kerosene?
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