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Writing a Case Study Analysis/ Recommendation Please follow this format when you write a case study analysis. Each of these bold titles should be a subsection of the entire paper. Please do not combine sections. Each is quite important in your flow of the write-up. - Introduction (A concise overview of the case. Do not give a history of the company) Define the Problem (Include a clear sentence in this paragraph that clearly states the actual problem.) Alternatives (About one paragraph that is concise and discusses each of the alternatives.) Typically ½ - 1 page - Analysis of the Alternatives (This is the most important part of the paper and consequently the most detailed since you will be discussing each alternative separately. You should have a significant amount of in-depth content here.) There is no set number of alternatives, however, at a minimum there should be at least three alternatives.
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Unformatted text preview: Typically each analysis of each alternative is between 1-3 pages. -Recommendation (Why did you select a particular alternative or a combination of alternatives? This is also the only place you should be in first person.) Typically 1 page. -Plan of Action (Implementation of your alternative. How do you plan to implement the alternative you recommend?) Typically 1 page.-Contingency Plan (What if your recommendation does not work. This does not mean using another alternative. Instead what is your plan if your alternative does not work? How will you fix problems that arise when you implement your plan of action and it does not go as planned?) Typically ½ - 1 page.-Current Event (What actually happened since the case was written. Is it different than what you recommended?) Typically ½ - 1 page....
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