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History 1378 Midterm Review

History 1378 Midterm Review - History 1378 Midterm Review I...

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History 1378 Midterm Review I. Reconstruction Different Plans - Lincoln: ∙ primary aim was to restore the Union, without regard to freeing the slaves ∙ continued to advocate colonization for blacks ∙ decided to free “certain” slaves→ hurt Southern resources under the Emancipation Proclamation ∙ Emphasized easy transition back→ no change for blacks ∙ Ten Percent Plan : If ten percent of states citizen swear an oath of allegiance and a state has abolished slavery, the state may be readmitted to the Union - Congress: ∙ Wade Davis Bill : oath of allegiance from a majority of the state, abolishment of slavery, and disqualification of officials from holding office ∙ Conquered Provinces Theory : belief that once the South seceded, it reverted to an unorganized territory and the congress had power over it ∙ State suicide: States ceased to exist once they seceded ∙ Freedmen’s Bureau : attempt to help blacks in their transition to freedom ∙ Civil Rights Act 1866 : Made Black Codes illegal ∙ Established Joint Committee: found blacks being treated poorly→ President was reinforcing such acts→ committee recommended a hold be placed on joining seceded states ∙ 14 th amendment: guaranteed citizenship to former slaves ∙ Reconstruction Acts of l867: ratification of the 14 th amendment, establishment of military districts, and lost privileges of Confederate leaders ∙ Offered the most for freedman -Andrew Johnson ∙ believed that secession was treason and that “traitors should be punished.” ∙ supported black equality at first believed blacks should not vote or have a role in Government because he wanted to please Southerners ∙ vetoed Freedmen’s Bureau and the Civil Rights Act II. Gilded Age -Social Darwinism : believed that wealth and success was determined by evolutionary
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