Fall 2000 - Fall 2000 Final Exam Name: Part 1. Answer...

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Fall 2000 Final Exam Name: Part 1. Answer True/False (T/F) (1 point each) ____ Spin-locks need kernel support. ____ Semaphores should be initialized with numbers greater than 0. ____ The number of page tables in a computer is equal to the number of CPUs. ____ All threads in a process share the same page table. ____ In segment-swap entire processes are swapped in and out from disk. ____ The page-table register is updated every time there is a context switch from one thread to another. ____ Page sizes are always a power of two. ____ In demand paging a virtual address is divided into page number and page offset. ____ A physical page that is replaced is always written back to the backing store. ____ All virtual memory is backed by swap space. ____ The flag PTHREAD_SCOPE_PROCESS is used to create a kernel thread. ____ a.out is an executable format used on Windows. ____ truss is a command to transfer files in UNIX systems. ____ The data section of a program is memory mapped readable, writable and executable. ____ Most of the processes in a computer are in ready state. ____ There is at most one running process in the computer. ____ Most of the CPU time is spent in kernel mode. ____ TLBs speed up the translation from physical to virtual addresses. ____ A small time quantum will cause a program to take more time. ____ The arguments of a system call are checked in user space. ____ In non-preemptive scheduling a program may have a context switch at any time. ____ A program that runs with preemptive scheduling runs faster than one in non- preemptive scheduling. ____ Most of the processes' CPU bursts are completed before the time quantum
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Fall 2000 - Fall 2000 Final Exam Name: Part 1. Answer...

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