Fall 2002 - Fall 2002 Final Exam Part 0. Write your name...

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Fall 2002 Final Exam Part 0. Write your name Name: Part 1. Answer True/False (T/F) (1 point each) ____ Mutex-locks are needed only on multi-threaded programs. ____ During starvation a thread waits for a resource or mutex lock that will never be available. ____ Mutex locks are only needed in multiprocessor machines. ____ It is possible to have a deadlock with only one mutex. ____ The text section of a program is memory mapped Read Write and Executable. ____ The instruction cond_wait unlocks a mutex lock. ____ Most of the time processes are in ready state, ____ Semaphores may have a negative count after calling sema_post(). ____ ELF stands for Extended Link Format. ____ cond_post will always wake up a thread waiting on cond_wait. ____ Non-accessed pages are prefered for replacement instead of modified pages. ____ A valid page size in a 64 bit machine could be 8000 Bytes. ____ sizeof(int *) is 4 bytes and sizeof(char *) is 1 byte. ____ LRU works because a page that has been accessed recently is likely to be accessed in the short future. ____ Inverting the order of the mutex_lock and sema_wait calls in the bounded buffer problem leads to starvation. ____ There are at most two ready processes in a dual processor computer. ____ The page-table register is updated every time there is a context switch from one thread to another. ____ Semaphores initialized with 1 may be used as mutex_locks. ____ All pages in physical memory that are replaced are written back to the disk. ____ In a correct program, it is possible to have more free calls than allocate calls. ____ In the SPARC architecture all addresses of integer variables are multiple of 4 bytes. ____ An object returned by malloc could have an address like 0x100284 ____ A memory leak is more serious than a premature free.
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Fall 2002 - Fall 2002 Final Exam Part 0. Write your name...

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