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Midterm Fall 2000 - Midterm Fall 2000 Name 1 Answer...

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Midterm Fall 2000 Name: 1. Answer True/False (T/F) (1 point each) F The threads in a process share the same stack. _ F _ ELF is an executable format used on Windows. _ F ___ truss is a UNIX command to show the number of users in the system. _ T __ The text section of a program is memory mapped readable and executable. _ F ___ System calls and interrupts run in user mode. _ F ___ There may be three running process in a dual processor computer. _ T ___ Most of the CPU time is spent in user mode. _ T ___ Shared libraries run in user mode. _ T __ A small time quantum will cause a program to take more time. _ F ___ The arguments of a system call are checked in user space. _ F ___In preemptive scheduling a process takes higher priority until completion. _ F ___ A program that runs with preemptive scheduling runs faster than one in non- preemptive scheduling. _ T ___ Most of the processes' CPU bursts are completed before the time quantum expires. _ T/F ___ Programs that run with FCFS have a higher response time than SJF. _ F ___ The file descriptors of a process are closed when the process calls fork(). _ T ___ The write() function is a system call but printf() is not. _ F ___ A pipe that is used to communicate a parent and a child process could be created by the child. _ T ___ Threads in the same process share the same memory. _ T ___ A section of code that is guarded by mutex_lock()/mutex_unlock() can be executed by only one thread at a time. _ F
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Midterm Fall 2000 - Midterm Fall 2000 Name 1 Answer...

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