Midterm Spring 2002 - Midterm Spring 2002 Name: 1. Answer...

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Midterm S pring 2002 Name: 1. Answer True/False (T/F) (1 point each) ____ The call dup2() will show in the truss output. ____ There is a set of registers for every kernel level thread in the process table. ____ The cost of a multiprocessor computer grows linearly with the number of CPUs. ____ A parent and a child process may communicate by a pipe created by the child. ____ The function strcat(a,b) allocates strlen(a) + strlen(b) + 1 bytes of memory using malloc. ____ Disabling interrupts could be used to enforce mutual exclusion. ____ A program that runs with non- preemptive scheduling may deadlock. ____ The user time in the time command may be smaller than the system time. ____ An exit code of 1 in UNIX means success. ____ When a process calls fork, the number of open file objects in the kernel remain the same. ____ Programs that run preemptive scheduling finish sooner than programs that run with non-preemptive scheduling. ____ A program needs to run in kernel mode to install an interrupt handler in the interrupt vector. ____ The size in bytes of a variable of type (char *) is 1 byte. ____ Kernel threads in the same process share the same file descriptors. ____ The time command in mentor could show that the user time is larger than the real time in a multi-threaded program. ____ After forking a process, if an environment variable is modified in the parent it
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Midterm Spring 2002 - Midterm Spring 2002 Name: 1. Answer...

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