Midterm Spring 2005 - Midterm Spring 2005 Name:_ _ Question...

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Midterm Spring 2005 Name:_______________________________________________________________ _ Question Max. Current True/False 10 pts. Short Questions 1-5 15 pts. Short Questions 5-10 15 pts. 11, 10 pts. 12. 10 pts. 13. 15 pts. 14. 15 pts. 15. 10 pts Total:
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Answer True/False (T/F) (1 point each) ____ The threads in a process share the same stack. ____ The maximum number of processes in running state is determined at configuration time. ____ A short quantum will benefit CPU-intensive applications ____ Most of the CPU time is spent in user mode. ____ The function strcpy(a,b) will allocate strlen(b)+1 bytes and copy the string from b to a. ____ In pthreads, fork() will only create one thread in the child process. ____ The arguments in a system call could be checked in user mode instead of kernel mode before the system call is performed. ____ It is necessary more than one mutex_lock to create a deadlock. ____ It is possible to modify the interrupt vector in user space. ____ Shared libraries run in user mode Part 2. Short questions. 1. (3 pts) Explaing "aging" in process scheduling. 2. (3 pts.) Explain how the quantum length can affect the priority of a processes in modern operating systems and how this is going to improve the execution of the applications. 3. (3 pts.) a) Write the code for spinlock/unlock? b) What problems we may encounter if we remove the thread_yield() instruction? 4. (3 pts.) Enumerate the checks that the kernel does during the system call
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Midterm Spring 2005 - Midterm Spring 2005 Name:_ _ Question...

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