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Propaganda Techniques - “We fought against Hitler we will...

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Propaganda Techniques Word games Name-calling “sneaky Japs” cowards breeders/homos derogatory slang haters baby killers Labeling Labeling people, groups, institutions, in a negative manner Axis of Evil Right wing (Republican) or left wing (Democrat) Socialist Liberal Christian Conservative Glittering generalities Labeling people, groups, institutions in a positive manner These usually include “virtue words” Civilization, good, proper, right, democracy, patriotism, motherhood, fatherhood, science, medicine, health, love Freedom fighters Liberation forces Democratically elected Euphemisms Peace keeper missiles
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Collateral damage Neutralize the opposition Friendly fire Downsizing or rightsizing Profiling Contamination by radioactive isotopes are measured in “Sunshine units” False connections Transfer – linking people with +/- images to connect to those perceptions
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Unformatted text preview: “We fought against Hitler, we will fight against Osama bin Laden” Symbolism – using symbols and imagery of positive institutions to strengthen acceptance Red, white, blue colors Integration of symblos like statue of liberty or Uncle Sam Pseudo Experts – citing individuals not qualified to make the claims made Michael Jordan selling underwear Celebrities supporting or admonishing the war Tiger Woods selling Wheaties Plain folks Leaders appealing to ordinary citizens by doing ordinary things Hitler was good at this – he has a youth bicycle corps Bandwagon The “everyone else is doing it” argument Fear Heightening, exploiting, arousing people’s fears to get support Fear is a motivator Cognitive dissonance is part of persuasion...
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Propaganda Techniques - “We fought against Hitler we will...

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