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Objections to Nozick and Rawls Rawls 1) Just Desserts Objection (Objection from the right): People deserve what they get and to take from them, under the threat of force, is unjust. This is essentially Nozick’s objection (remember his objection that taxation is forced labor). Rawl’s response is to attack the idea that people deserve the success they achieve, either in virtue of what they inherit genetically, culturally, or even monetarily. Be careful here because you don’t have space in the essay to talk in detail about all of Nozick’s arguments. 2) Difference principle is too weak (Objection from the Left): Think about what kind of income distributions can be justified using Rawls’ difference principle and whether or not the difference principle is too weak. Nozick 1) Historical conception of justice/rectification principle Think about why rectification principle is not a very good principle given the reality that there is always going to be some form of injustice somewhere in the chain and
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Unformatted text preview: the difficulties involved in attempting to rectify each injustice. One example discussed in class was the difficulty in attempting to rectify the injustices caused by slavery. 2) The social contract objection: For Wilt Chamberlin to make his money he is using the stadium, the roads, and the basic infrastructure of society to make his money so he needs to give some back). Despite Wilt Chamberlins talents he would not be able to make the large sum of money he makes without the rest of society. Property cannot exist without society and therefore it might seem that people dont have a right to all the property they can accumulate within a society. Be sure not only to full explain the force of each objection and exactly how the objection objects to the original argument but also be sure to critique the objection and offer reasons why we should accept or reject the objection....
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