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gr+-+Justice+Chart-2 - Endorsed by Rawls Nozick Justice...

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Egalitarians Libertarians Core Value Equality Liberty Conceptions of rights Positive (to certain things) Negative (to not have certain things done to you) Distributive Justice (taxes) For – distributive justice guarantees the positive rights for all citizens Against – distributive justice infringes on peoples rights (forced labor) Traditional Political Party* Democrats Republicans Role of Government Large to guarantee positive right to citizens Small, to guarantee negative rights to its citizens
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Unformatted text preview: Endorsed by Rawls Nozick Justice: Equality vs. Liberty Equality vs. Liberty How do we balance the demands of justice between two inherently conflicting principles of equality and liberty? *Most politicians either not democrats or republicans in the traditional ideological sense of the term, examples of the current politicans that could actually be described by the traditional labels would be Bernie Sanders (Democrat) and Ron Paul (Republican)....
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