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Twitter Case Analysis

Twitter Case Analysis - Samantha Zid MKT 291 Ms Cynthia...

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Samantha Zid MKT 291, Ms. Cynthia Walsh 11/4/2010 Case Analysis Twitter, Tweeting, Tweets It’s hard to imagine a world without google, Facebook, and Twitter. Today we are wired so that we can be in constant communication with anyone we want to be across the entire world. Google brought us information from the past, Facebook lets us know what our friends have been up to, but Twitter has come along to keep us updated on what our friends, celebrities, and anyone else we find interesting is up to at that very second. When Twitter was first started the founders set out to create a website for social networkers of all ages. College students can update about a class they are in, companies can promote their newest projects, politicians can gain campaign support and celebrities can share their latest rants. Twitter has helped to connect people on a whole new level that is more personal and gives tweeters the chance to stay up to date with all of the people they are following. Technology changes overnight in this day and age so there is always a new fad, Twitter hit the Internet running and gave people exactly what they need. Users were looking for a website that will keep them in tuned with everyone in their lives. Twitter provides these users with a high demand simpler form of blogging.
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