MGT 415 Syllabus

MGT 415 Syllabus - "While strategy and tactics...

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Unformatted text preview: "While strategy and tactics change all the time, the fundamentals of leadership do not. Leadership is a matter of how to be, not how to do." (Leader-to-Leader Institute, 2004, p. 25). MGT415: L EADERSHIP & L EARNING Dr. David Cowan 3067 FSB 529-3689 Office Hrs : 1:30-3:30 TR Seminar Resources 1. Leadership readings . An experiment this semester is to make individual readings (less than 1/10th of the source) available on Niihka rather than have you pay for them in a readings packet at Oxford Copy Shop. 2. Conversations on Leadership: Wisdom from Global Management Gurus . 2010. Lan Liu. Jossey-Bass. ["Lan Liu is a researcher at Peking University's Center for China Strategic Studies and adjunct professor at the Beijing Peter F. Druker Academy where he teaches leadership courses in their executive programs."] 3. Websites and film clips . [Unless instructed otherwise, we will use various of these -- always during class.] 4. A second leadership book (your choice among three timely options) OR one philosophical- spiritual framework (among three timeless options). [These choices should depend at least partly on personal goals and professional interests -- and may provide our means to form semester "teams."] Performance Dimensions 1. Two tests of understanding ( 20% each -- 40% total): Mix of short-answer questions, requiring explanations of concepts as well as integration and translation of concepts. Criteria include A) clarity of expression, B) depth of understanding, and B) breadth of coverage (of relevant material). 2. Assignments ( 20 %): Assignments done well have the potential to promote productive learning AND thoughtful preparation for class discussions. Those that I collect will be graded satisfactory or unsatisfactory. If satisfactory, the assignment earns full credit; if unsatisfactory, it will earn partial or no credit. Assignments must be done on 4x6 notecards . Please do them on your own. Lateness (after class begins) earns no credit. 3. Team presentations ( 10% ): Teams are an integral part of leadership development. Thus, we will use teams regularly -- and 7 team performance criteria: A) depth of understanding; B) coverage of relevant material; C) maturity of engagement, D) significant connections to seminar, E) meaningful insights, F) good use of time & technology, and G) flow among teammates. Note: the final two, team presentations are the most important! 4. Individual contributions ( 20% ): Includes attendance, participation, and value added. Examples of adding value include constructive attitude, helpful guidance of discussions and activities, and mindful ideas. Examples of reducing value include distracting others, not paying attention to others, monopolizing discussions, free-riding, and sitting on the sidelines (i.e., not participating; letting others do the majority of the work). [NOTE: My awareness is well developed -- thus, I notice most of these behaviors even when it may work)....
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MGT 415 Syllabus - "While strategy and tactics...

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