Midterm - PART 1 Medina: structure and employment of...

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PART 1 Medina: structure and employment of attention Without attention, a leader cannot lead. The first step that must be taken to gain attention is there must be an emotional catch; leaders have to draw their audience in to be effective. One must also establish an easy pattern to follow so that no one gets caught up in little details. The attention span of people has dwindled throughout the generations; get out what needs to be said within ten minutes. Finally, make sure that your audience isn’t multi-tasking; while many think they are capable of doing three things at once the reality is that our brains can only concentrate on one. Kim & Mauborgne: depth, perspective, and integration This article looks at ancient Chinese stories and shows that the only way to be a true leader is to understand your organization from the ground up. In order to be a true leader you must be able to hear past the noise and understand how that noise is created. The second story focuses on perspective. In order for any leader to become enlightened they must know their organization from the ground up and the different views from the ground up. Ancona: five leadership competencies In order to have a successful business there must be leadership at every level. Leaders must be in tuned with the world around them and open to discovering new terrain as they are creating it. They must network out to other leaders within their company and field and develop relationships. It is extremely important to keep the future in mind and to continually create a compelling vision of it. Within every organization leaders must focus on creating new ways of working together. After developing all of these ideas leaders must put them together and develop their own signature style. Allen: refocusing daily productivity Being a strong leader requires efficient skills to organize commitments, which can be done with the implementation of basic activities. Anything that can be considered unfinished would be stored outside of the mind in a collection bucket that can be accessed regularly and sorted through. When making a commitment clarify exactly what it is and decide what must be done to fulfill it. Once you have decided on the actions that need to be taken, keep reminders for them in a system you regularly access. Cohen & Tichy: General Schumacher’s developmental insights When in charge of any group leaders must focus their attention on developing the people they will be working with. The mission for the group must be understood throughout the levels of the group and they must come together as one identity. In order to gain this balance leaders must pick the right people to be apart or there team. Leaders must teach people how to think, not tell them how to think, this can be done through demonstrating leadership and establishing core values. Sternberg: successful intelligence
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Midterm - PART 1 Medina: structure and employment of...

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