Disabilities and Humor

Disabilities and Humor - Samantha Zid PSY 410F, Dr....

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Samantha Zid PSY 410F, Dr. Palladino Spring 2012 Perspectives on humor: Disabilities and Humor 1. Kathy Buckley: Kathy was my favorite comedian we watched in class. I am not the biggest fan of stand up comedy and whenever she was on she had me laughing uncontrollably. Her joke about guys kissing her ear and getting electrocuted was delivered exceptionally well. 2. Chris Fonseca: Chris was hilarious, the jokes he made about being Mexican and handicapped almost had me on the ground laughing. I think that it is very courageous of him to get up and talk in front of people when he has so much trouble speaking. I get nervous standing in front of a class to present a project, Chris gave me a lot of inspiration to not be scared anymore. 3. John Callahan: I had actually heard of John before this class, my dad is a very big fan of his comics. I enjoy them because he uses the same kind of humor that I have, its very dry and he makes fun of everyone, no one is safe. John has a great outlook on life and I agree with him in that it’s annoying when people speak for
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Disabilities and Humor - Samantha Zid PSY 410F, Dr....

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