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funny things that happened to me - were parallel with the...

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Samantha Zid PSY 410F, Dr. Palladino Spring Semester 2012 The Funnies of my Weekend 1. On Saturday morning I woke up to loud noises. Some of our guy friends came over dressed up in weird outfits (one in a clown suit) and woke us up at 9:30am by screaming and running around our living room. They ran out after about 10 or 15 minutes chanting “Stagger Inn” 2. Watched “shit guys don’t say” on youtube with my friends for a while 3. I walked downstairs and my housemate had flipped over all of the couches while “late nighting” 4. My friend tried to clean the wood floor in our living room with the enormous amount of test sample Head and Shoulders shampoo she has from not completing her internship 5. My friend and I walked outside this morning to get lunch and we forgot about the ice storm so both of us slipped and fell on our backs. At one point in time our bodies
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Unformatted text preview: were parallel with the ground 6. The boys the table next to me at lunch were playing “Hey Mickey” on their iPhone speakers 7. Reading my housemate’s texts after 2 am with one of our guy friends 8. While my friends and I were walking to the hockey game one of my friends slipped on the ice so my other friend went over to help her then they both slipped 9. After getting into the game, getting seats together, and hitting up the concession stand all six got to our seats and Holly, the same friend who fell before, was bumped into by a stranger and dropped the nachos, hotdog, and drink she had just stood in line for 20 minutes for 10. My friend jumped up, tried to start a chant, and then no one chanted with her...
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