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how laughter is important - 4 Twitter Twitter has become...

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Samantha Zid PSY 410F 1/15/2012 6 Examples that humor is Still Important to Mankind 1. Rebecca Black: About 6 months ago a video hit youtube that made Rebecca Black internationally known. The video was emailed, facebooked, and tweeted around the world as some comic relief. The song is so bad and the music video is so tacky that the only reason it was passed around was for comic relief. 2. Comedy Central: Not only are there countless comedy shows on television, there is an entire channel that is dedicated to it. 24 hours a day Comedy Central features shows triggered to make its viewers laugh. 3. Award Show Hosts : Even for the most serious awards shows comedians tend to be the hosts. Since the awards tend to be very long, the only way people will continue to stay interested is if you keep them entertained. Comedians such as Risky Gervais, John Daily, Steve Martin, and Neil Patrick Harris have all been hosts at various awards shows throughout the years. They are generally judged on their performance by how much thy made the audiences laugh.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Twitter : Twitter has become extremely popular with all ages and many accounts have started purely to bring laughter to its followers. Accounts such as Men’s Humor, Lord Voldemort, and Total Frat Move were started purely to make their followers laugh. It brings a small release from day-to-day activities to see a joke and laugh for a few seconds 5. Books: One of the best selling books of the year was Tina Fey’s memoir, Bossypants . Countless other comedians have had best selling books in recent years. Their books incorporate their life stories with humor to keep the reader interested and entertained 6. TV Shows: out of the top 15 most viewed shows, 7 of them were comedy shows this past week. A large chunk of time is set aside for shows with comedic relief for the viewers. Shows such as Modern Family and How I Met Your Mother are extremely successful based on the sole fact that they can make viewers laugh....
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how laughter is important - 4 Twitter Twitter has become...

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