No humor - alumnus everyone laughs Everyone that is except...

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Samantha Zid PSY 410F, Dr. Palladino 1/10/2012 No Humor, No Fun When we first got the assignment to write about someone who doesn’t have a sense of humor it was hard for me to think of anyone. I like to think that the people I surround myself with all have a sense of humor. I enjoy laughing and joking around with my friends. Even when I’m at work (I call Miami alumni for donations) I usually find myself laughing with coworkers. I noticed tonight at work that there is one boy, let’s call him Nick, that I work with who I have never seen laugh. I have sat next to him calling for the past year and have never heard him laugh at a botched call or joke made; I haven’t even ever heard him tell a joke. Since I spend a couple nights week calling Miami alumni, naturally, I get some angry people on the phone. With this economy asking for money can cause rough reactions and harsh words from anyone who isn’t in the position to give. Multiple times a night one all of us in the call center mention a funny conversation they have had with an
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Unformatted text preview: alumnus, everyone laughs. Everyone that is, except Nick. Nick spends his nights calling and not conversing with anyone and when we all take the time out to talk Nick continues to call. The other night I called an alumnus who didn’t understand exactly what part of Miami I was calling from. After I identified myself as a Miami student caller he started asking about the appeal offered at the school store. He would not stop asking me to buy him a sweatshirt even though I made it as clear as I could that I wasn’t from the school store and that there was no way for me to get him a sweat shirt. After 5 minutes of this my manager put my conversation with him on speaker and the rest of the callers listened. Everyone in the room had to hang up their calls because they were laughing do hard, everyone except Nick. Instead of laughing Nick was looking straight at the computer waiting for an alumnus to pick up his call....
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No humor - alumnus everyone laughs Everyone that is except...

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