COMfinalnotes#3 - 11/8 Culture is tied to power and...

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11/8 Culture is tied to power and privilege History v. Histories : hidden/lost (losers/were persecuted and stories weren’t recounted) -Absent: native American groups (languages are dying off) -Hidden: recorded, hidden by dominant society threat -Free Information: FBI has historical interest—threat to dom. Society -Remove info from discourse (limit what is said) Standpoint Theory : (Hartsock)—the groups to which one belongs distinctively shapes their perceptions/worldview, identities, and opportunities for memvers of that group. -Unique perspectives—differences between minority/majority groups -Minority viewpoint will always be more accurate b/c they have nothing to lose by being truthful. -Majority Viewpoint: motivated to stay in. --visual=inner circle of majority: power, negate minority influences. --minority: lines aren’t distinctive, where minority influences majority in a non- threatening way ---hip-hop: part of dominant society (mainstream) ---mexican food/chipotle, sushi ---smoking: can go both ways (originally developed to explain feminist movement. -In-groups: groups we identify with. Ex: north/south, facebook friend list (connection w/ friends) -Outgroup status: could find it invigorating (to be different) health implications— opportunities attached. Stress=heart disease/depression --encourage to associate w/ those of similar values, etc=helped for survival Engaging w/ Cultural Comm. -Uncertainty Reduction Theory (URI) -Motivated to reduce uncertainty in our lives -Accomplished through comm. Processes—information seeking and observation. -Has relational application: info +, uncertainty – -Ethnocentrism : tendency to assume that one weay of life is normal/superioror to other ways of life. Ex: map of world according to Americans -Our worldview/norms are “right” -Evaluate others -Make fun of “differences” -Expect others to assimilate Adapting to Cultural Diversity -Responses to other cultural groups
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COMfinalnotes#3 - 11/8 Culture is tied to power and...

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