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Discussion Board 5 - family One of my dad’s friends owns...

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How do family relationships, friendships, and romantic relationships affect Organizational Culture? Do they help or harm it? I think that personal relationships are harmful to Organizational Culture. There is no way to be impartial to those who you know personally and are in your personal life. Even if you treat them equally as other coworkers, your friends, family, and romantic interests will most likely expect you not to, which becomes a conflict in your personal life. Instead of focusing on your Organizational Culture at work you end up worrying about how the people you are close to are feeling and working around hurting your feelings. I have heard numerous instances in family businesses that have resulted of rifts within the
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Unformatted text preview: family. One of my dad’s friends owns a car dealership with his brother, they had a falling out and his brother parted ways from the business and moved to Florida. These two brothers used to do everything together and now they see each other three times a year if that. The rift between these two brothers was caused solely through their problems between the businesses. If the brothers hadn’t gone into business together their relationship wouldn’t have suffered. Organizational Culture is an important part to any business and if it is disrupted it can greatly effect that business....
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