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Group project 3 - The secret society of Skulls and Bones...

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The secret society of Skulls and Bones dates back to 1832 when a group of men from the Phi Beta Kappa fraternity created it to promote a more elite feeling. The group has gained wide popularity and national attention but continues to guard its secrets and membership today. Rumored members include President George W Bush and his one time presidency rival Senator John Kerry. The group was started at Yale and has remained a strong presence at he university by taking some of the school’s most promising students. The group is highly guarded, but it is obvious that Skull and Bones has developed its own cultural identity and system. One of the qualities that are easier to depict about the Skull and Bones is how the group’s identity is constructed and communicated. The group targets junior Yale students who have a successful future ahead of them. There is a strong representation of major clubs on campus, team captains, and students who excel academically. As a result of looking for these types of people the Skull and Bones has gone from looking at who you are and what family you come from to what you have done at Yale and what you are going to do 1 . It is believed that the members of the group have stolen skulls and personal relics of an Apache chief, Geronimo, and display it in a glass case. Since we have no explanations from actual members of the group, people can only make their own
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Group project 3 - The secret society of Skulls and Bones...

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