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advertisement analysis

advertisement analysis - 1 Samantha Zid Com 143 Dr Becker...

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1 Samantha Zid Com 143, Dr. Becker Meredith T Advertisement Analysis 10/25/10 The Dodge Ram has Supermodels in its Bed How do you get six swimsuit models into your bed? That is a question that every guy who is reading Sports Illustrated’s February 2010 swimsuit edition is asking himself. After flipping open the cover, which I’m sure took a few minutes for most people considering Brooklyn Decker is on the cover with half of a yellow bikini on, you see a girl smirking on a beach holding a pillow. The question “how do you get six swimsuit models into your bed” is in cloud like letters in the top right corner. The full page add flips out to become a three page spread of five girls having a pillow fight in the bed of a Dodge Ram Pick up truck. The spread also answers the previous question, “you win motor trend’s 2010 truck of the year.” The Dodge Ram advertisement proves that sex really does sell and uses sex to put its product out to consumers in a way that the Dodge Ram will be remembered. As we discussed in class, advertisements are conveyed through word choice, font, color, setting, framing, image quality, spokespersons, and poses, which the Dodge marketing team understands very well. Every square inch of this ad is thought out to promote the new 2010 Dodge Ram. The words on the advertisement are all short and to the point, so the reader doesn’t have to spend his or her time thinking and they don’t get caught up in the words. What the advertisement is saying to the Sports Illustrated reader is not through words, but through the picture. When reading the words on the advertisement the font makes you feel comfortable because the font is white and puffy like a cloud. When the page is flipped so that the three-page
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2 spread is shown and the pillow fight is shown it is easy to see why the marketing team went with this font. The font compliments the pillows and the white feathers flying everywhere. Every element of the advertisements compliments the big Dodge Ram on the spread. This includes every color that is used. The truck is a beige-gold color which the sandy beach, ocean water, blue sky, and white bikinis all flatter. When the advertisement is first flipped to there is only one girl visible and she is wearing a stark white bikini that immediately catches attention. When the page is opened there are five more girls in bikinis with white pillows and feathers all around them. All of this bright color directs the eye straight to the truck. The setting of the beach communicates to the consumer that this truck is for people who enjoy life. The
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advertisement analysis - 1 Samantha Zid Com 143 Dr Becker...

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