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censorship - A Free from government constraint that way of...

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Copyright Control Vs. Free Culture December 7, 2010 I. Government Control of Media A. Standard models 1. Authoritarian model: those in government create a system of control and censorship 2. State model ( Pravda ): if your going to print media you must get permission from the government to do so 3. Libertarian model: we are so fearful of government control that we let anybody print whatever they want 4. Social responsibility model: operates on the assumption that the media has to be a go between for the government and the public ex. Newspapers B. As powerful tendencies rather than models C. The U.S. media system 1. the government 2. the press/media 3. the people 4. the corporations II. Free Speech
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Unformatted text preview: A. Free from government constraint: that way of looking at free speech keeps us from looking at other aspects B. Free from corporate constraint? III. Free Culture A. Definition of Free Culture: a place that promotes creativity B. Threats To Free Culture? 1. Factors a. corporate control b. digital revolution 2. Tactics a. copyright laws: Mickey Mouse Protection Act, ensures that “No one can do to the Disney Corp what the Disney Corp did to the Brothers Grim.” –L. Lessig b. trademark laws c. digital right management tools (techno-locks) d. click-through licenses e. authorized technology 3. Examples of Free Culture “Us”—a multivid by Lim...
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