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Politics of Representation November 16, 2011 I. Defining Key Terms A. Representation: how does some element of our world get turned into a form of media All representation is relative, but it seems real B. Politics—battle over the uneven distribution of 1. power 2. social status 3. cultural centrality II. Why Reflect on the Politics of Media Representations? The movies we see normalize certain behaviors and convince us that the world is really like that
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Unformatted text preview: • The economy of pleasure: how much is my favorite show reflective of a world that I am apart of III. What to Consider A. Who/What is excluded/included from the representations? • George Gerbner: symbolic annihilation ex Native Americans B. What are the roles/stereotypes in the representations? • Who is the main character, villain, hero C. Who has control over the production of the representation? IV. Example: Notting Hill (1999)...
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