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What insight did you gain from the test and what might be the organizational/societal implications of these attitudes and/or privileges. I chose to fill out the gender-career IAT survey and my results showed me that I was more likely to associate women with family and men with careers. I wasn’t surprised by these results because I grew up in a home where my father worked and my mother stayed home with us kids. I have a very old fashioned view on how a family should work because of the way I was brought up. While I have these feelings about how a family should be I am not blind to the fact that most families are not like this. Today, more and more women are leaving the home to work and the fathers are becoming more
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Unformatted text preview: active in their children’s lives. There are major implications that come from this thought process that men should be out in the world working and women should be at home. Even though women have made a significant change in the work place they are still paid less. In most cases women are paid less then men who are in the same positions as them. They are also passed up for upper level jobs over men which give people the impression that they aren’t meant to be in those jobs. Women are given more grief then men if they are extremely devoted to their career and lose time with their children....
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