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Samantha Zid 210 S Campus Ave Oxford, OH 45056 November 7, 2010 Mr. Steven Smith 123 1 st Ave Columbus, OH 43220 Mr. Smith: It has been a pleasure to work with the Eagle Daily Bulletin and specifically your reporter Cary Hormann. The article Mr. Hormann wrote, “Communication and Women: Not Just in Alaska Anymore,” was a great piece and the National Association of Women in Broadcasting (NAWB) has already received positive feedback. The NAWB is very appreciative of Mr. Hormann for taking the time to get the facts and write a great piece on former US Vice President nominee, Sarah Palin. However, it has come to our attention that some inaccuracies have been printed that should be noted. The article states that woman do not receive top communications jobs at a rate of 50%. When in fact, women do receive 77% of the top communications jobs.
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Unformatted text preview: Hormann also reported Palin’s age and birthplace incorrectly as 44 and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, when it should have been printed that she is 46 and was born in Standpoint, Iowa. In addition, the picture that ran with the article had a caption identifying the woman as Executive Director Allison Koontz. The woman featured in this picture is actually the president of the association, Phyllis Alt. The Eagle Daily Bulletin has always been a well-trusted publication and continues to be today through the dedication of its employees. The NAWB would like to thank the publication their interest in our organization and looks forward to working with the Eagle Daily Bulletin in the future. Sincerely, Samantha Zid Public Relations Director...
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