CTA #2 - Group#15 CTA 2 Group Response 1 College students...

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Group #15 CTA 2 Group Response 1/27/11 1. College students without prescriptions choose to use Adderall to stay awake at night to be able to study for exams, quizzes, and write papers. Students also take Adderall so they can stay out longer and drink longer at night as well. Sam knows a lot of girls who take Adderall to lose weight since a side effect is a loss of appetite. Although these girls are not aware of the potential negative side effects, they just assume it will affect everyone the same way. Ashley disagrees and knows a lot of people that actually take Adderall for academic reasons only. A friend of hers takes it only when she truly feels she cannot focus in class or while studying. Although she knows it’s illegal, she still feels she’s using it responsibility. Some of the members of our group think students who take these drugs do know the potential side effects and only take what they believe to be helpful rather than harmful. Others in our group believe that a lot of their friends take it irresponsibly and don’t pay attention to the harmful side effects. 2. For this question, almost everyone in our group has different views. Ashley, Kiersten, Addis, and Kelsey do not see it as prevalent on campus as others. Although they know that it goes on, it does not happen in their immediate group of friends or dorms. Kelsey simply doesn’t know a single person who takes
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CTA #2 - Group#15 CTA 2 Group Response 1 College students...

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