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CTA3 Individual - Samantha Zid MBI 131 1/31/11 MBI 131...

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Samantha Zid MBI 131 1/31/11 MBI 131 Spring 2011 Critical Thinking Assignment (CTA) #3 1. What is your general impression of this story and this patient? After reading this story I am very surprised by the medical process to have both of your breasts removed voluntarily. This major surgery shouldn’t be taken as lightly as Sandra’s doctors took it. They didn’t follow up on any of her stories about her family history. They didn’t take the time to even pull their records or medically find out how likely she is to get breast cancer. I was also shocked by Sandra’s ability to convince doctors that her story was true. A person who is crazy enough to get both of her breasts removed when it isn’t absolutely necessary probably isn’t normal. She completely fooled several doctors and no red flags were raised. I think that a psych evaluation should have been given and Sandra should have never gotten into the operation room without one. 2. In this case, what type of “agent” is causing this disease state in Sarah? Is it an infectious pathogen? Or is it a physical, chemical, physiological, genetic, sociocultural, or psychological agent? Describe how this agent has affected this patient and caused her disease state. The agent that has caused Sandra’s disease state is Munchausen syndrome.
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CTA3 Individual - Samantha Zid MBI 131 1/31/11 MBI 131...

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