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reflection - Samantha Zid Group 15 MBI 131 Dr Abshire...

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Samantha Zid, Group 15 MBI 131, Dr. Abshire Reflection paper 3/20/11 Childhood & Infancy Health Problems The children of today hold the future in their hands and without their health no one is going to get very far. Childhood is the most important time for growth and development in a person’s life so it is important that we know how to take care of them. It is impossible for children to raise themselves and turn out as a healthy individual so it is extremely important for adults to know how to care for them. During infancy and on through childhood the body and mind grows expediently. How a child is cared for and brought up directly effects health problems that they will have in the future. A child who is brought up at a healthy weight and doesn’t suffer from obesity dodges an unhealthy adult life in most cases. Children who have parents that smear them with sunscreen are less likely to have skin cancer when they get older. Its
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