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Samantha Zid Assignment 4 MGT 291, Mrs. Tibbetts 2/14/11 Confrontation Between an Employee and a Customer The Mala Amarsingh case is a tricky one because there are so many factors involved. The customer clearly started the fight and continued to provoke the situation; it would be hard for anyone not to loose his or her cool after being spit on. I don’t think that the right move was to fire this employee. Firing Mala sends a message out the other employees that they aren’t respected and that their personal well-being isn’t valued. Mala did nothing wrong until she fired back at the customer in an immature matter, with the proper training she could have a more controlled response. I think that Mala should be hired back on as an attendant and paid for her leave. In addition to her coming back the company should issue a mandatory workshop for their
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Unformatted text preview: employee that discusses the right and wrong way to handle customers. This workshop will train all employees how to keep their cool and not let their anger get the best of them when dealing with angry customers. The company should also acknowledge that what happened was partly their fault considering they havent provided their employees with proper training on how to handle this situation. By changing their decision to rehire Mala JetBlue is showing its employees that they are a valued part of the company. It wouldnt be right to hire her back and do nothing about the situation, so it s important that the company issues these workshops. Standing behind a lawsuit for Mala would only enter the company into private scrutiny and wouldnt provide any positive outcomes....
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