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Samantha Zid MGT 291, Mrs. Tibbetts Assignment #5 2/27/11 Are Flagler Productions’ Action’s Unethical? After reading this article I was surprised by the owners decisions to release the Wal-Mart tapes after working for them. I think what the company did is unethical, but it sounds like it is a legal decision. Decisions on how to respond to actions like this one are especially tough because while it wasn’t the right thing to do it isn’t illegal. Deciding to release the tapes puts Wal-Mart in an embarrassing position, but it seems that Flagler only released them because they needed money. Wal-Mart hired Flagler on a trusting handshake, which probably would have been enough in the 70’s, but it isn’t these days. This problem could have been eliminated if Wal-Mart would have been on its game and remembered the footage and would have bought the rights to it before
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Unformatted text preview: diminishing its contract with Flagler. Since there was no legitimate contract Flagler does have the right to do whatever they want with the footage that they are in possession of. Wal-Mart doesnt own any of it so there isnt any reason on why they should control it. While selling the footage to the highest bidder is legal, it isnt the ethical way to do. Wal-Mart trusted this company and gave it very good business for years. Flagler owes Wal-Mart more than the embarrassment that these tapes brought the company. Selling the unaired Wal-Mart footage was bad business and will end up in Wal-Mart employees being embarrassed and hurt. It doesnt say anywhere in the case that Wal-Mart was warned that this footage would go up for sale to other parties, they should have been informed when Flagler offered to sell the rights to them....
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