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Chapter 6 2/14/11 1. Title 2. Selection: using the job description to choose people to hire based upon their capabilities to much what you need, while in hiring there are no evaluations 3. Hiring the wrong person can cost up to 150% of the annual salary 4. Standards that you want any selection method to use 5. Want whatever means we use to be free from random error and results will be efficient a. Give once, give it again has to be highly correlated 6. Criterion-relation validation: correlation between test scores and job performance
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Unformatted text preview: scores 7. 8. 9. Must have all documentation from job analysis and on through a. Will work during any type of job pool or economic climate 10. Show them the money and how you add value 11. Don’t ever use a test that is illegal 12. 13. 14. Don’t use any personal references, should all be professional a. Unless signed otherwise, you cant give details on why an employee wasn’t terminated b. Can get around it by tone of voice you use...
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