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chris curtis extra credit

chris curtis extra credit - power to make sure his...

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Samantha Zid MGT 303, Brianne Waugh Extra Credit Assignment 4/17/11 Chris Curtis, President and CEO, Power North America and Building Divisions, Schneider Electric I’m really glad that I was able to attend Chris Curtis’ executive speaker series at FSB. He brought up some valid points about how important it is to make employee safety a number one priority. I really respect him for making an entire presentation about this topic because it is one that goes unnoticed by most af the executive speaker that come to Miami. Mr. Curtis’ speech tied perfectly into our HR class by emphasizing employee safety. Traditionally the HR representative for a company is at the front lines of employee safety and is the person who draws attention to it. I really liked Mr. Curtis’ coined term, “safety leadership,” which he explains is simply doing everything in his
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Unformatted text preview: power to make sure his employees are safe. By putting so much emphasis on his employees safety he has not only shown them, but also their families that this company really cares about them. Curtis has started a great employee retention plan. He now has employees who care about their job and are thankful for the precautions that have been taken to ensure their safety and I’m sure that they value their jobs very much. The implementation of Chris Curtis’ safety plan has saved lives and made a dangerous job not as stressful. Mr. Curtis has made safety a way of life around his company and he has done this by making personal visits to he workers’ facility and a daily basis to show them that they are important. Chris Curtis obviously has found a great way to run this company and keep his employees happy through safety....
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