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“We Know Vino” Extraversion Questions Agreeableness Questions I talk more than listen. I listen more than talk. I'm really in between. I love to be in the midst of the action. I love to close my office door and enjoy quiet times. I'm really in between. The gym and library are great places to interact with people. If I go to the gym or the library, I find a place by myself and focus on my work. I'm really in between. Group discussions stimulate me and give me energy. I am energized by spending time alone.
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Unformatted text preview: • I'm really in between. • I have a few deep, personal relationships. • I have many social relationships. • I'm really in between. Physical Test Questions (Stockroom Employee)-Do you think you are capable of lifting at least 50 pounds?-Are you capable of stocking and restocking the store-Can you organize boxes of Wine by brand and/ or year in the stock room and store? Wine Tasting test Score _____/6 Please much the corresponding letter, with what food this wine would go well with....
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