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Samantha Zid PSY 111, Dr. Carrie Hall Extra credit #2 3/1/11 Game Theory In class we learned the importance game theory has on our everyday lives. It gives us the ability to accurately predict what people are going to do or how they are thinking, whether we know them or we don’t. The movie that we watched in class showed us how game theory can be applied to almost any situation. While watching the movie I even thought of some instances that I use game theory in my life, and how much it helps. The group of strangers in New York set out on what seemed to be an impossible task. New York is such a big city, when I went it took me a while to find the statue of liberty. When I first started watching the video I was hesitant to believe that the six couples would find each other. To find the other couples each immediately thought about where the others would go. They all decided t think of the most important landmarks in New York that are known meeting places. The couples used pop culture such as movies
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