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Lie to me extra credit

Lie to me extra credit - Samantha Zid PSY 111 Dr Hall Extra...

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Samantha Zid PSY 111, Dr. Hall Extra credit assignment 3/25/11 Lie to Me Episode I watched the “Perfect Score” episode of Lie to Me and learned a lot about micro expressions while doing so. Dr. Lightman does a great job of cracking a case by just reading people’s faces. He uses techniques to get them to produce the emotion that he wants to see. I liked how the show showed examples of real life politicians and celebrities portraying the same emotion as the characters in the show did. It’s interesting how the show has been able to pull in such interesting topics and issues and how they could be solved if people paid more attention to each other’s expressions. The episode that I watched was very helpful because it dealt with people lying of all ages. Dr. Lightman helps police find the killer of a high school girl, and they would probably have never caught the murderer so soon without his help. During the episode Dr. Lightman’s time in New Ghini is brought up. He spent time there researching people’s expressions.
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