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Samantha Zid PSY 111/ Dr. Hall Extra Credit Paragraph 3/25/11 Milgram and Evil Paper I first heard of the Milgram experiment years ago and it still surprises me as much today as it did the day I learned about it. I try to always see the good in people and don’t think that anyone would harm anyone else intentionally. This study proves otherwise. I believe that the participants in the Milgram experiment were good people, but they were put in a hard situation. It is natural to assume whoever is telling you directions has the power. The participants who were told to shock the learner assumed that they were being ordered and didn’t have a choice. The problem with this experiment is the situation that it was set up. The participants were in a dark room with only the people running this
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Unformatted text preview: experiment. There was no outside help. In this situation people were applying shocks that were increasing in power. The fact that the shocks started out as almost nothing at all and eventually getting worse and worse eliminated some of the participants’ awareness of what was going on. By adding just a little bit every time and not making any huge jumps it was hard for the participant to draw the line, it was easier to say just a little bit more. If the participant was brought in and was told to deliver a high level of shock right away to someone I doubt they would do it. By starting out low and progressively going higher the task seems a lot more humane at the time....
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