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PSY 111 Class Notes 4/18/11 Panic Attacks Understanding the Mechanics is Key to Management of Symptoms Adrenaline causes fight or flight response Which causes racing heart, difficulty breathing, extreme anxiety, but no actual physical exertion This causes more symptoms (burning, numbness, etc.) Symptoms feed cycle—create more fear and anxiety, which increases symptoms Often start in late adolescence, usually before 30 May be situational Many causes o Biological/genetic o Stress Both of these come together—you have the predisposition and then reach a point in life where life stress and lifestyle stress is much increased Terrifying experience
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Unformatted text preview: o Become afraid of having another one o Fear of fear o Can create more • Associate situations with attacks o Specific fears (driving, grocery stores, school, etc.) o Agoraphobia • Treatments o Learn about physiology of panic attacks o Trick of mind—nothing to actually be afraid of o Lessens fear of fear “okay, I feel bad, but there’s nothing actually wrong, I’m going to be okay.” o Wait it out—most peak within 10 minutes o Desensitization of feared situations o Medications can help—no symptoms in those situations o Lifestyle factors No caffeine Get enough sleep Control stress Balanced diet...
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