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Jeopardy for test 1 - A.98(whichever is closest to-1 or 1 Q...

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Jeopardy for test 1 Q: Which is affected most by extreme scores? A: Mean Q: In a positively skewed graph which is the highest value? A: Mean Q: the statistical comparison distribution used for correlation A: t (hypothesis testing) Q: Which type of graph is used for correlational data? A: scatterplot Q: What shape is the z distribution? A: Normal Q: If there is an extreme outlier, which is the best measure of central tendency A: median Q: Which is the strongest correlation?
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Unformatted text preview: A: -.98 (whichever is closest to -1 or 1) Q: When are the mean medium and mode equal? A: When the distribution is normal Q: Z scores are basically… A: Standard deviations Q: If your sample mean is above the comparison mean, what do we know about the z score? A: It will be positive Q: The z distribution can function as… A: Distribution of means and individual scores Q: Which can we prove? A: Neither the null or alternative hypothesis...
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