SPN 111 - Diarios de motocicleta assignment

SPN 111 - Diarios de motocicleta assignment - Name:...

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Name: Samantha Zid Grade: _______/100 Diarios de motocicleta/Motorcycle Diaries Film Review Excerpts by Roger Ebert I. Las opiniones. (60 points) Answer the following questions about the movie. Your answers should be typed in English (you may type them into this document) and written as short essays using complete sentences. There is no minimum sentence requirement for each short essay but keep in mind that one sentence does not a short essay make. 1. Ernesto and Alberto are close friends. How are their personalities? Are the two protagonists very alike / different? Explain. Ernesto is very young and eager when he sets out the trip. He just wants to see and experience South America before he settles down to become a doctor. This trip starts out as his one chance to see the outside world and explore different experiences. His personality seems to be reserved and timid, he was nervous to leave home for the first time, but he is very serious about gain all of the culture that South America has to offer. Alberto has a very different personality than Ernesto. He is playful and hardly ever serious. While like Ernesto he too wants to experience South America, he is more interested in the girls he is going to sleep with and the beer he is going to consume. The two men also have quite an age difference, Ernesto is 23 and Alberto is turning 30, so they are at different places in life. 2. How is the relationship between Ernesto and his mother? Explain. What are the two things she asks that he do during the trip? Ernesto and his mother seem to be very close. It seemed like it was hard for her to say goodbye. I don’t think she understood why he had to take this trip; unlike his father who told Ernesto that is he was younger he would be coming with him. He seemed to be the first one of her children to leave home so I’m guessing that watching him leave was very hard for her. The two things Ernesto promised his mom he would do while on his trip are write letters to her and remember to take his medicine. 3. Which illness is Ernesto suffering from? How does this affect his trip? Name three scenes in the movie in which Ernesto is struggling due to this illness. Ernesto suffers from asthma and it is extremely important that he has his inhaler at all times. During the first part of his travels Ernesto doesn’t run into any problems with his illness. The first problem he has is when he is traveling on a boat he develops an attack as he is sitting outside and he cant find his inhaler anywhere. The attacks make him very weak and it takes him a while to recover which hinders his ability to enjoy his travels directly after the attacks. The second time his asthma acts up it actually helps the situation he is in. He is talking to a patient with leprosy and she opens up to him when she sees that he has an illness as well. The third time that I
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SPN 111 - Diarios de motocicleta assignment - Name:...

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