SPN 111 Spring 2011 Syllabus (2)

SPN 111 Spring 2011 Syllabus (2) - Spanish 111 Intensive...

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Spanish 111 Intensive Basic Spanish Spring Semester 2011 Class Instructor: Marylène Lux Office: 36 Irvin Hall Supersite Instructor: Pedro Gómez Laserna Phone: 529-5003 or 529-4500 Office Hours: MTWR 1:40-2:10 E-mail: luxm@muohio.edu Text, Supersite, and Web-SAM Required: Panorama: Introducción a la lengua española, Third Edition by Blanco and Donley Required: Panorama: Introducción a la lengua española, Third Edition Supersite code (bound in the Panorama text) Required: Panorama: Introducción a la lengua española, Third Edition Maestro Web-SAM code (in a yellowish envelope) Optional: Spanish-English dictionary of your choice. NOTE: If you plan to continue your Spanish studies at the 200- level, an extensive bilingual dictionary such as the Larousse or Harper Collins is recommended. Course Description and Prerequisite SPN 111 is an intensive elementary Spanish course and covers all fifteen chapters from the Panorama textbook, Supersite, and online student activities manual (Web-SAM). It is the same material that is covered in SPN 101 and 102. The course is designed for students whose high school background in Spanish has not included all of the basic grammar and vocabulary necessary for enrollment at the 200-level. NOTE : This course is NOT a simple review of the Spanish you had in high school. Much of the material will be new to you, and you should expect to spend at least eight to twelve hours per week studying and preparing for this class. Enrollment in SPN 111 is determined by the placement exam. Students with prior Spanish MUST take the placement exam at www.muohio.edu/fltest/ before enrolling in any Spanish course. If the SPN 111 Coordinator cannot verify your placement by the end of the second day of class, you will be dropped from SPN 111. Once placed in a Spanish course, you may not skip a course in the sequence leading to SPN 202. Upon successful completion of SPN 111, students may enroll in SPN 201. Students who earn a C or higher in SPN 111 are eligible to enroll in SPN 299: Immersion Spanish for Intermediate Students. This intensive five-week summer program allows students to earn credit for SPN 201 and 202. Classes for the first two weeks are held in Oxford, and students travel to Nicaragua for the remaining three weeks. There, they will live with a host family while continuing coursework, volunteering in various local programs, and exploring several of Nicaragua's main attractions. Interested students may contact Nohelia Rojas-Miesse at miessena@muohio.edu. General Course Goals for the Department of Spanish and Portuguese The mission of the department is for students to gain the skills and abilities to comprehend spoken Spanish, to speak meaningfully in Spanish, to read and comprehend written Spanish, and to write meaningfully in Spanish. Students should also develop a cultural awareness of Spanish-speaking people through exposure to Hispanic society, politics, art, and literature. This awareness will provide the context for a correct understanding of the Spanish language. Specific SPN 111 Course Goals and Objectives
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SPN 111 Spring 2011 Syllabus (2) - Spanish 111 Intensive...

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