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Study+Guide+II (1) - Chapter 10 1) Know the difference...

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Chapter 10 1) Know the difference between open and closed systems. What are the consequences of having an open or closed system? True experiments can be described as ‘ closed’ ’ systems, i.e., situations where the experimenter has control of much (if not all) of the factors involved (e.g. Skinner boxes). In these settings, Internal validity is high, but often at the cost of External validity (doesn’t generalize well). In some cases: - We can’t manipulate the independent variable - We can’t eliminate confounds - Control may bring unforeseen consequences - Naturally occurring phenomena defy control semi ‘open’ designs (true ‘open’ designs would be observational or in some cases correlational) designs which generally do not involve the random assignment of participants, but do manipulate some I.V. and measure some D.V. - Can be used in both basic and applied (field) research - Come in many forms but those most often used are: Non-equivalent (control) Before-After Designs Times Series Designs Longitudinal Designs (Developmental) 3) Be able to describe the different types of quasi-experimental designs a. Time series “Single Group Pretest-Posttest”: compares performance pre and post intervention, however many confounds and interpretations are still possible “Interrupted TSD, repeated pre and post tests”: provides a baseline measure of performance and an indication of the duration of the treatment’s effect. “Multiple TSD (control and experimental group)”: Combines the advantages of the previous designs, can be done
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Study+Guide+II (1) - Chapter 10 1) Know the difference...

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