Final Exam - 1. Discuss the role of women in each of the...

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1. Discuss the role of women in each of the following periods in theatre. Consider both the woman’s role as a performer and as an audience member: Ancient Greek Theatre Roman Theatre Medieval Theatre Renaissance Italy Spanish Golden Age The role of women in theater has changed greatly over time and has ranged from women having no part, to women having staring roles. The amount that women contributed to the theater experience depended greatly on the type of government and what social rules were in place during a specific time period. In Ancient Greek theatre there was no place for women. When a female character was written a male would wear a mask and act as a woman. This way of representing women characters continued on throughout theatre. The Roman Theatre also used masks so that men could play women’s roles. Women might have performed in Greek mime and definitely performed in Roman mime. When the Roman Empire fell and the Catholic Church took over all of these women were labeled as morally suspect and socially unacceptable and were excommunicated. During the Medieval time there was no place for women in theatre, but they were invited to attend the shows. Throughout the history of theatre women have always been allowed to attend shows and enjoy the performance. During the Renaissance women gained their first chance to appear on stage. While actresses were looked down upon in society and were regarded as whores, they did have a place in the theatre, finally. 2. Compare the physical theatre spaces from the Greek and Roman periods. What did the Romans retain from the Greeks and what were the most significant alterations? Use specific terminology from the text and class discussion.
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Final Exam - 1. Discuss the role of women in each of the...

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